Eliacomo Got Married

Keep the dream alive!

You finally made it! I was waiting for you. Do you remember when webpages looked like that? Is your head spinning already? Ok, enough, keep on reading below.

If you have never been to Florence, you must spend some time in the city. It will be very hot (definitely hotter than at our hillside party), and it may be crowded, but it’s worth it.

If you want to see some smaller cities, you may have yet to discover Pisa or Siena. But if you are truly looking for off-the-beaten-path gem, you may find it in Montepulciano, Montalcino or San Gimignano. There are dozens of tiny medieval towns in Tuscany, and even if they are not exactly close to Trebbio, they are always full of surprises, dense in history and rich in culinary traditions.

If you stick around Tuscany during the days after the party, we might be able to explore Tuscany together – our current plan is to return to Rome only on the 3rd of September.
Just be a good pal and drop us a line.