Eliacomo Got Married

Keep the dream alive!

You finally made it! I was waiting for you. Do you remember when webpages looked like that? Is your head spinning already? Ok, enough, keep on reading below.

Where and When:

These are the coordinates of the event: 43°56’57.7″N 11°17’09.2″E
The area is referred to as Trebbio, though it’s not even a village – just a castle and a few houses.

Guests are welcome at any hour, but we recommend you to be there around noon. We’ll probably get kicked out one or two hours after sunset. You will be fed and soaked in wine. You will meet beautiful people and listen to great music.

How to get there:

We recommend flying to either Florence or Bologna. If you are flying Ryanair, you may find a connection via Pisa.

If you are a train lover, you can go to most places by train. Rail connections exist between Pisa/Florence/Bologna to San Piero a Sieve, which is the town nearest to Trebbio. If you are coming by train, please let us know and we will send someone to pick you up at the train station of San Piero a Sieve.

For maximum freedom of movement, rent a car at the airport. Reaching San Piero a Sieve is easy with a navigator. Getting to the actual venue though can be tricky without some homework. If you don’t know where to look, it’s easy to miss the turn from the main road to the small country road that leads to the location. And remember that the last mile is unpaved! There are actually two entrance points to reach Trebbio. We recommend entering from this spot (street view) for a smoother ride from Strada Regionale 65, then following signs for Trebbio. If you like adventures and drive a 4×4, enter here (street view) for a slightly faster route. We’ll put signs closer to the location, so that you will not end up to another party.

Where to stay:

In San Piero a Sieve there are several options. The hotel “La Felicina” is nice, but small and may already be is already fully booked. Hotel Ebe, should have more rooms available. In San Piero a Sieve there is also a Bed and Breakfast and several Airbnbs you may find through airbnb.com. For the more adventure-inclined friends, this is a nice campground.

Dress code:

There is no dress code. You may come in your favorite t-shirt, or in a suit. Other than being an informal event, we celebrate individual diversity and originality. Be mindful of the fact that the countryside is, well, messy and that end of August is still very hot. There will be shade, but no air conditioning (sorry, American friends!).


Your presence at this party is more than enough of a gift for us so please do not feel that you need to give us anything additional. For those who are insisting, however, here is our registry.